Project Overview

Bethlehem Church is a three-campus, Southern Baptist congregation located in northeast Georgia. Although they’re a fairly large church, Bethlehem Church did not have a large enough communications team to support the design, web development, or copywriting needed to fully support their church and ministries. In 2019, their Executive Pastor brought Clever on as a temporary solution to provide margin for their communications team as they navigated how they wanted to eventually staff this team internally. 

Quickly, Clever became the creative extension of Bethlehem’s communications department. This meant supporting ministries with miscellaneous design projects, on-going website support, and other tasks as and when needed. These services filled in the gaps of their communications staff and gave their existing team more margin and less stress. The team at Bethlehem now have go-to experts for the projects they are unable to do internally or just don’t have time to get around to. 

Eventually, the church decided to rebuild its website, and Clever was the obvious partner. The Clever team redesigned and launched the Bethlehem Church website in HubSpot, which gave the communications team a central hub for all marketing efforts and the discipleship team a single database that could encompass all engagement and activity (or inactivity) at the contact and household level. 

The staff can now drill-down and track what people visited what page, filled out what form, and didn’t click what email. This level of detail maximizes their margin, minimizes administration, and allows their large church to feel even smaller. The new website has also improved the church’s SEO and overall online visibility allowing more people to find their church easier. 

Since partnering with Clever, our trust and relationship have continued to grow, allowing the team at Bethlehem to have more margin for more ministry. 

About Bethlehem Church

The community at Bethlehem Church includes people of all backgrounds, ages, and demographics—from infants to senior adults. No matter what your past looks like, or what behaviors it includes, when you attend Bethlehem Church you will be encouraged by our welcoming environment, passionate worship team, and an empowering message from our pastors that is both practical and Christ-centered.

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Bethlehem Church Website by Clever

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Clever designed, developed, and optimized the Bethlehem Church's website for maximum performance and conversion.