Our Values

We are a team of passionate individuals that are saved by Grace and live to serve. Below are a few of the values we hold ourselves to so the work we do can have the most impact. 

It’s all about Jesus

Our team seeks to bring glory to Jesus with our faith and our works. Whether we're working with a Church, Business, or Non-Profit, Christ is our primary focus and the core motivation for everything we do. At Clever, it’s all about Jesus.

Maximize margin

We believe when we proactively invest our time in what is most important (faith and family), the rest of our time is most effective. As a team, we strive to create margin for ourselves so we can live and lead by example. Where there is no margin, there is no ministry. 

We are always learning

Constant innovation and improvement are hallmarks of the Clever team. We always strive to learn more about what growth strategies and tactics are working and how they can be leveraged to help our clients grow. Our team is committed to remaining curious and open-minded to new concepts and ideas that decrease our blindspots and ultimately benefit ourselves and our clients.

Trust is our default

We intentionally cultivate a culture of transparency and truth, internally and externally. We don’t avoid conflict, but neither do we seek it out. We set realistic expectations for our projects, team, and clients. We’re not a "yes" man—we do what’s right, not what’s easy. We never sugarcoat things, but we always speak with love.

We are results-driven

This isn’t our hobby, it’s our passion. We care about the outcomes of our work and measure them closely. We’re not doing our job if we are not intentionally striving for meaningful progress for each of our clients. We relentlessly pursue a clear strategic end and adapt quickly when something isn’t working.

We over-communicate

We strive to never surprise our team or our clients and since time is expensive, miscommunication can be costly; therefore, we over-communicate as a team to ensure we stay on the same page to avoid mistakes when and if possible.

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